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What to know about Water Fed Pole Cleaning System

Our system utilizes ultra pure water system reading 0 on the TDS Meter any time, every time. This is to satisfy our customers and deliver excellent clean everytime even in wet weather.

Have you tried cleaning the windows yourself with tap water. Well you may have noticed a streak or water spots afterwards and found it hard to polish. The hardness in the water makes it had to have a clean finish. Ultra pure water eliminates that problem. The absence of any impurities mean you get a clean finish. In addition our pole brushes have super soft flocked nylon bristles that will agitate the surface of the glass and ensure that the power of the ultra pure water is effective in rinsing the dirt off.

The water fed pole we use is great for reaching heights, and the brush ensures you get a good clean sill and frame especially 'temporarily' free from annoying cobwebs. We hope this will give you the confidence you need to switch from traditional clean to the water fed pole system we are using.

Water fed pole
Pascal&Pascal Window Cleaning Pole Brush

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