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Autumn Maintenance

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Gutters are your home’s first defence against severe structural damage. Blocked or broken gutters and downpipes caused by clumps of leaves and other debris will inevitably cause blockages, leaks and water damage.

Delayed clearing of gutters = clogged pipes = damp walls, staining, decay and soil erosion – and a lot more cost to you than keeping gutters clean in the first place.

Replacing existing PVCu guttering/downpipes cost little, so it really is worth keeping on top of gutter maintenance.

How often should your gutters be cleaned?

Our recommendation: Clean twice a year; January and Late Summer before the bad weather returns. Doing so ensures debris is checked promptly and free inspection of potential problems with a sagging of loose connections.

Why use Pascal&Pascal?

Doing it yourself may look simple but it isn't. It can be dangerous if not done safely. A fall off a ladder or whilst lift

ing one could cause hurt. We follow safety protocol when using our equipments, we have the experience, skill and PPE needed to get the job done.

To avoid high cost and timely service we use a gutter vacuum which eliminate the use of scaffolding and ladders. We also identify issues and can repair or make recommendations before they cause problems in the future.


w much does it cost to clean gutters?

No fixed rate with us. Our experience with gutters has shown that every house varies. The following factors are considered: Access to gutters, the height, and the extent of blockage. However, prices usually range from £30 up to £150 for larger properties. Commercial work is also undertaken.

In addition the secret is to regularly carry out maintenance. Using our recommended clean twice a year, will mean less cost in the long term and peace of mind.

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